To provide a complete line of orchid supplies for the orchid hobbyist and novice alike in a friendly atmosphere.

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Welcome to Green Barn Orchid Supplies

​​We are located in Delray Beach, Florida in a charming 68 year old green barn.  Our orchid supplies and products are varied and we try to appeal to all of the growing needs of our customers. The vanda baskets are in both mahogany wood and teak wood and plastic.  The mounting plaques are in mahogany also and we carry a large supply of cork.

We have numerous wire products pot hangers, ring stakes, rhizome clips, pot clips, S hooks and basket wire hangers.  You will find all the plant food, insecticides, fungicides plus other chemicals and organic products to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.  Since 2004, the owner of Green Barn is Hyla Levine who has been growing orchids for over 25 years.  Green Barn is located on the premises of Elegant Orchids, a full service orchid nursery.  Whether you have five orchids or 5,000 orchids, you will find the supplies you need.  We are the "Expert Source for all your orchid supply needs."


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5185 Conklin Drive

Delray Beach FL 33484    USA